• Power & Water


The power supply to the project will be overground through the eastern forest along the main road and then be brought through a transformer at the development’s edge connecting to the hotel and first phase estates by underground cable. In addition, there will be specific solar panel energy systems with self-contained batteries. 

The long term goal of the development is to seek and find a suitable geothermal site given the critical mass of power required. We believe we have a very high probability of finding an efficient ‘hot-spot’ for geothermal power creation in the valley floor of Rendezvous Bay given we sit on a volcanic chain with the active Montserrat volcano approximately 20 miles away.


The water supply for the project will be twofold:

  1. Artesian well supply for both the hotel and the estates. The property enjoys a healthy artesian water basin given the topography and geological structures and relative rainfall on the site.
  2. Oversized cisterns for all structures. The hotel and estate cisterns are planned to be over-sized by approximately 100%. This is to ensure the capture and storage of as much water as possible during the rainy season using the Enviroshake roofing system.

Given the very low density in the development, sewage disposal will be a site-specific septic solution for the individual properties and hotel, with a secondary bacterial treatment system in place so that the affluent is environmentally friendly and used for irrigation purposes.

Estates may be self-sufficient for power or water supply, with the designs reviewed by the Design Control Panel for adherence to the community’s development guidelines.

Future community decisions

It’s not only what we implement today that will set us apart but also how we grow over time ensuring that  sustainability underpins our decisions for the community. From time to time in the future the Community Association Board of Directors may determine that an extraordinary capital project be undertaken for the benefit of the entire community. An example of this would be a geothermal well with the goal of switching over to 100% geothermal power and becoming a net contributor to the Antigua power grid.

In the event that the Community Association Board of Directors ratifies such an expense, a vote will be taken amongst the community home owners by email, and if seventy percent or more are in approval, this extraordinary capital expense shall be treated as a Common Expense of the Home Owners.