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Rendezvous Bay is unique. It cannot be replaced or replicated. As the world becomes increasingly developed, crowded and stressful, opportunities such as this will become ever more rare.

Historically known as Barter’s Estate, the land of the Rendezvous Bay project has been owned for almost eighty years by the Walter family of Antigua, and left untouched despite numerous development proposals dating back to the early 1950’s.

Beyond the 1,000-foot hills of this pristine and perfect bay, luxury boutique hotels and international restaurants have come to dot the surrounding harbors, and the south coast of Antigua has developed as the home of Caribbean yachting.

Now through a sensitive development plan created with international expertise and considerable passion, the first opportunity has come for property ownership in this magical location.

Hundreds of acres of rolling hills and valley floor are encircled by 1,000-foot elevations creating a natural nirvana.
Norris Walter (1902-1948)

Estate History

As a child, Norris Walter loved to visit the Rendezvous Bay. He and his wife Marietta realized their dream of purchasing the 330-acre “Barter’s Estate” in the late 1930s and used the land to create a farming enterprise that became a second home for their growing family.

The Walter’s cotton and root vegetable farm at Barter’s Estate was to remain operational for many years, and was also used to raise cattle, goats, and sheep. Since the sea was teeming with fish, once or twice a week fish pots would be emptied and the catch sold at market in St. John’s.

Marietta Walter (1907-2000)

The valley and hills in Rendezvous Bay have always been extremely fertile and so the estate also produced an abundance of mangos and avocados, as well as tomatoes, bananas, grapefruit, oranges and lemons.

After several generations of care-taking, the family through its representatives have formed a partnership for the development of the estate land into a legacy for all future generations.

It is the plan of the Rendezvous Bay project to re-develop the farm food production of the estate for its residents and its hotel through an organic farm, and with water and renewable energy also available on-site, provide the tools for the community to achieve true self-sustainability.

In the 1940s, the Rendezvous Bay estate comprised three dwellings, one being the family residence for the summer and weekend trips, the others providing accommodation for farm workers.


Brian Dobbin is a Canadian developer who has planned and executed lifestyle developments in North and South America, Europe, and the Caribbean, and has twice won the prestigious Bentley International Homes Award for the world’s Best International Development for his 800-acre Humber Valley Resort development in Canada.

Like Humber Valley, the development vision for Rendezvous Bay dictates great care is taken blending the homes, hotel and infrastructure into the natural environment to preserve the organic experience of the location for all.

Brian first flew over Rendezvous Bay in 2005, and after taking his resort development and operations company public in London, he departed and assembled a small private team, working with the Walter Estate to create a partnership in 2011 to develop Rendezvous Bay.

Brian and his wife Kaline have since moved to Antigua and over the last years have worked to put the people and pieces in place to begin this special development. Kaline grew up between France and England with her parents and grandparents owning and operating small hotels. Receiving her university education in Europe and the UK, she has been working in the luxury lifestyle development industry for ten years in the Caribbean.

Brian and Kaline are intimately involved in crafting the Rendezvous Bay aesthetic and experience, both having a deep appreciation and love for the island of Antigua, and will be amongst its first residents.


“Growing up in Canada, Rendezvous Bay is what I always dreamed the Caribbean to be – fresh and exotic, warm and exciting. What I have also discovered is that the south coast of Antigua is a very fun place to spend the winter. I’ve found what I’ve been looking for and look forward to meeting others that are looking for the same thing.




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    The 330-acre Rendezvous Bay site is approximately 2.5km from the main highway in historic English Harbour.

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    Nearly all of Rendezvous Bay’s private and expansive homesites are in its rolling hills, which rise to 1,000 feet.

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