Growing and sourcing food

This is a central component of our vision for Rendezvous Bay and the community. We have set aside up to ten acres in the nature reserve to recreate the traditional use of the land and grow food that not only the hotel and residents can eat, but also anyone wishing to come to the Rendezvous Bay Farm to shop. For food sourced outside our farm, we are committed to supporting local suppliers as much as possible.

Our flowers and plants

Our tropical flora is varied and quite beautiful and our environmental study identified over 360 plants including mixed evergreen-deciduous forest, mangrove, tree canopy forest, rare flowers and more. It is our intention to interpret the flowers and plants with signage in specific areas so that guests and residents can learn about the flora at Rendezvous Bay.

Birds and animals living in Rendezvous Bay

We have an array of tropical birdlife including doves, hummingbirds, egrets, hawks, sandpipers and more. One of our special visitors is the West Indian Whistling Duck who is most easily spotted in our Nature Reserve area where we are preserving the wetlands. Rendezvous Bay is also home to some colourful geckos and frogs.

Marine life

In addition to our cohabiters on land, we also share our bay with an abundance of marine life including turtles, tropical fish, and a healthy coral reef. Personal watercraft (jet skis) will be discouraged and there will be no untreated water left to run into the sea. We are adjacent to one of the top yachting harbours in the world with multiple marinas.

  • Organic Farm

    The organic farm will supply Papaya Hotel & Spa and all our residents with fresh organic food year-round.

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  • Community

    Much more than a collection of homes and a hotel, Rendezvous Bay will be a community of international people.

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  • Environmental Strategy

    Our plan is to balance the three pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, economic development, and social development.

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  • Nature Reserve

    The 50-acre organic reserve is where you will find the organic farm, hiking and biking trails, tennis courts and more.

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