Eco-friendly Solutions

This term is a little ambiguous and being environmentally responsible does not mean simply asking hotel guests to save water by re-using towels or bed linen.  Being environmentally responsible is about responsible operations, not being wasteful, using appropriate technologies and considering our environment holistically. We would like visitors to Rendezvous Bay to leave with a greater understanding and respect for Antigua’s ecology, culture and nature generally. Our owners and guests wield great influence and armed with the right experience they can do a great deal of good in spreading the word.

Our areas of focus for finding eco-friendly solutions or more specifically, for minimizing, reducing or negating our impact as a community on the environment, are building materials (from paint to roof tiles), building systems, recycling, alternative energy, products, services and goods we source, home placement, design practices, and maintaining our long term goal of eventually living ‘off the grid’.

  • Our story

    Developer Brian Dobbin has twice won the prestigious Bentley Homes Award for Best International Development.

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  • Power & Water

    Power and water are two of the key elements for our community to minimize its environmental impact

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