Organic Farm

Our horticultural team has a long history in the cultivation of local flora. From ground cover and flowering plants to large trees and fruits and vegetables, the historic Rendezvous Bay site can produce a stunning diversity of plant life. Not only is Rendezvous Bay a natural wonder as it exists today, but it has also been a working farm for past generations.

It is our intention to re-create this traditional use of land to supply the 80-home community and boutique hotel with fresh organic food year-round. With a planting plan that takes advantage of prime growing conditions and alternating species, the Rendezvous Bay organic farm and nursery promises to provide the community with a very special visual and culinary experience.

  • Food, Fauna & Flora

    Our tropical flora is varied and quite beautiful and our environmental study identified over 360 plants

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  • Land

    Take an unforgettable tour of Antigua’s historic sites, zip through the tropical forest or simply relax on the beaches.

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