Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Environmental Strategy

Sensitive design guidelines for the homes and hotel have been crafted to maintain the aesthetic and natural integrity of the park, and to protect its 360 wildlife species that include rare birds, plants and sea turtles. The low-density development strategy will ensure privacy and preserve a minimum of 80% of the entire Rendezvous Bay landholding in its natural state.

To safeguard Antigua’s natural and cultural heritage, areas of outstanding natural beauty such as Rendezvous Bay must be respected and protected in a way that enhances the experience for future generations of islanders and visitors.

The Rendezvous Bay team is committed to fostering a caring attitude that permeates our every endeavour through the conservation of flora and fauna, energy and water, sustainable practices, social commitment and community outreach.

Rendezvous Bay is a world-class nature retreat and to balance socio-economic progress and nature, we commit to conducting our business with integrity, being respectful of the values and principles of our employees and guests, to protecting the environment, to creating trust and good will in our community and above all to holistically improving quality of life for others.

Exactly how we can help

* Turtle conservation program for the Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles funded by the Rendezvous Bay Community Association

* Fauna and flora conservation – we have already identified hundreds of species during our year-long environmental study and will continue to catalogue and interpret the wildlife on site

* Eco-friendly building solutions – thoughtful architecture, sourcing materials responsibly and alternative energy

* Land conservation – 80% of the estate will remain its natural state

* Energy and water conservation

* Liaising with National Parks Antigua on matters of historical and ecological importance

* Community outreach and social responsibility – hiring and training locally, supporting local groups and enterprises, assisting all our employees and stakeholders in as many ways as we can

* Our Foundation – supporting education (academic, practical and arts-based), creating travel opportunities for young learners, and grassroots sports which we believe are all elements that combine to positively impact the population for the betterment of Antigua.

* Setting goals – we have organized the community structure so that it does have ongoing goals and so that we remain true to our values.

* Read more about future community decisions such as geothermal power solutions.