• Nature Reserve

The conservation of the 50 acres as a nature reserve behind the renowned Rendezvous Beach is unique in the region.  

There is something quite remarkable about the sense of nature and peace inside Rendezvous Bay. The 50-acre nature reserve area sits behind the famous Rendezvous Beach and will be home to walking and biking paths, a grassed family park area, a water feature, a working organic farm and nursery, and it will lead to the hiking trails through and beyond Rendezvous Bay.

This is a place community residents, hotel guests and other visitors can enjoy the island’s tropical forest wildlife in complete peace. A destination in itself for quiet reflection, beautiful walks or bike rides in the shade of the trees, a place to learn about Antiguan wildlife and organic farming, the reserve will also offer a wonderful setting for creative endeavours at the Rendezvous Bay amphitheatre.

  • English Harbour

    Known for its scenic beauty, English Harbour is home to many international residents and fabulous restaurants.

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  • Beach House

    Set back from the beach, the Beach House will provide the perfect spot for a break from sand and surf.

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  • Organic Farm

    The organic farm will supply Papaya Hotel & Spa and all our residents with fresh organic food year-round.

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  • National Park

    Rendezvous Bay sits at the heart of Antigua's largest national park and conservation is integral to our community.

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