Rendezvous Beach

The beauty of the western beach, Rendezvous Beach, has long been written about by visitors to the island and it is well-known as one of the most spectacular beaches in Antigua with cashmere-soft sand, turquoise waters and 1000-foot rolling hills offering a majestic backdrop.

Behind Rendezvous Beach is our 50-acre nature reserve and there is no planned development in this area so as to preserve this blissful experience.

The Community Association will include in its fee structure costs for a conservation program, comprising monitoring and protection of the turtle nesting populations of both beaches.

The beaches and marine life of Rendezvous Bay are central features for the planned community and a focus for conservation and preservation.

Barter’s Beach

Barter’s Beach, our east beach, offers an enchanting contrast to the idyllic Rendezvous Beach. Interspersed with rounded stones, shells and sand, the beach is lined with a healthy coral reef, home to many tropical fish providing an interesting snorkelling area. For those who love the sound of waves and raw natural beauty, Barter’s Beach will captivate your senses.

Residential homes will be set back considerably from the waterline, and a beach trail has been created behind the rocky and sandy areas to help protect the nesting grounds for Green, Hawksbill and the rarer Leatherback turtles. The Rendezvous Bay turtle monitoring program is set to begin in 2016.

  • National Park

    Rendezvous Bay sits at the heart of Antigua’s largest national park and conservation is integral to our community.

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  • Water

    From diving and sailing to swimming with stingrays, Antigua offers many fantastic experiences in its clear blue waters.

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