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With rolling hills extending up to 1,000 feet in elevation and radiating north from the beaches, each Rendezvous Bay homesite can offer entirely private and restful spaces surrounded by tropical forest beauty – yet possess views of the Caribbean Sea and enjoy island breezes that will soothe your soul.

Much more than this, the owners of these homesites will be part of a special international community that appreciates the natural wonders of Rendezvous Bay and share in the privilege of possessing one of these legacy properties.

The development philosophy for Rendezvous Bay is to preserve and enhance this private landholding inside the National Park through the careful placement of buildings and infrastructure while maintaining the integrity of the natural environment.

Sensitive design guidelines ensure at least 70% of each residential property remains in a natural state. The low density of homes, the 50-acre nature reserve with organic farm, and the boutique hotel nestled into the hills above the beaches will all coalesce to sustain the experience of Rendezvous Bay as a nature-filled playground for generations to come.

Owners can design and build a custom home or choose from one of the suggested designs. The Rendezvous Bay development team is on hand to guide the construction of your retreat to completion.